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Sally Baxter
Sally Baxter
15. April, 2021.
Really great acupuncture clinic. I have been here a few times over a few years and seen Sean, Tom & Andrew. Everyone is welcoming friendly, polite and professional. Always a relaxing experience. The website is easy to use to book appointments and the price is really reasonable for the service. Highly recommend!
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Alexis O'Sullivan
Alexis O'Sullivan
31. March, 2021.
Amazing clinic, with an incredible offering to have acupuncture available to all. Very professional team, I have seen both Tom and Sean, who are both really good. I started going when I was pregnant, and loved how it helped me through my whole pregnancy. I'm now hooked!
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Arianna Lentini
Arianna Lentini
26. March, 2021.
The clinic is clean, welcoming and well run. Tom is a professional and thoughtful practitioner. He has been nothing but kind, friendly and supportive; he is also very knowledgeable, passionate and welcoming. He takes time to listen to any issues and will incorporate this into your tailored treatments. I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend the clinic to anyone.
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Raven Twigg
Raven Twigg
22. March, 2021.
I had my first appointment with Uma Saema this weekend and it was amazing. Uma really made me feel relaxed and explained each step for an acupuncture rookie. Uma spent longer than our allocated slot to tackle each of my pain points and I walked away feeling significantly lighter and pain free. I would absolutely recommend!
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Esme Tuersley
Esme Tuersley
12. March, 2021.
Macy Nyman
Macy Nyman
28. February, 2021.
Lovely place and a super affordable way to get great acupuncture!
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27. February, 2021.
I can’t recommend E5 Acupuncture and in particular Sean and Tom, highly enough. I got treatment in the run up to undergoing IVF and I’m sure that’s the reason it was successful after my first round 🙂 Really reasonably priced and they were always very accommodating fitting me in.
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27. February, 2021.
This is a really great acupuncture clinic. Very kind, gentle, clean and affordable. I've seen Tom, who a colleague recommended, for about 7 months and he's been really helpful. I can't recommend E5 highly enough.
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24. February, 2021.
I have been seeing Tom for acupuncture for 3 - 4 years after somebody recommended acupuncture for hay fever. He now treats me for a range of different issues and general wellness. I couldn’t live without it! The clinic is clean and calm. The 45 minutes I spend there every month are much welcomed and pure zen.
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emelia holdaway
emelia holdaway
22. February, 2021.

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  1. Maria

    I have been treated by Anne-Marie for the last four weeks for chronic sciatica and a really stiff neck. For four years I have been disabled by pain and could not go out much. I have tried all the conventional treatments but nothing worked.

    Anne-Marie has worked a miracle! from the first treatment I was practically pain free. I changed from being the Gran who cannot walk very far to the Gran who walked around Legoland for six hours with her grandsons last Sunday!
    Thank you Anne-Marie for being friendly, calming, professional and so skilful.

  2. Julie

    I was Recommended by my yoga practitioner, had an acute knee injury. Was told 6-8 weeks recovery! I committed to 2 visits a week, and by week three I was back doing my practice , cycling and walking . With what turned out to be s meniscus cartilage tare and all I can say I’m so happy to have found a place that’s affordable , great location and Sean is amazing !
    Thank you

  3. kim

    I had my first session with Sean who made me feel very welcome he is very good as I didn’t feel a thing when having the needles put in, well worth the £25 payment
    I felt relaxed when I left and have arranged another session next week.
    Thank you Sean for being so professional
    c you next week

  4. Hannah howes

    I went to see Sean because I was pregnant and over my due date. Having had a previous hospital birth , I was keen to have a home birth. Sean listened and I felt understood this predicament. I really believe that Sean helped me get ‘in the zone’ because after a couple of treatments, my son made an appearance and was able to birth at home. I would highly recommend Sean and his acupuncture is affordable for all.

  5. Damini

    I first went to Sean for muscular pain. It was Sean who diagnosed what my real problem was – an internal ailment I had been trying and failing to treat for almost a decade. In just over half a year of regular sessions with Sean, I was almost entirely healed from an ongoing illness that he was the only one to correctly diagnose and one which had baffled me and doctors for years.

    This man knows what he is doing! Since I have moved away I am yet to find another healer like Sean.

  6. Marta

    I have been seeing Sean back in 2013 for about 8 months my PMS and period pain. The effects of treatments were amazing! Not only my PMS symptoms were nearly completely gone but I have noticed other benefits, like my problems with sleeping, digestion and anxiety had improved. It was a life changing healing journey for me.
    His treatments are very simple, relaxing and straightforward. Sean is truly brilliant therapist!

  7. Tasia Malinowski

    I have been having regular acupuncture treatments with Sean for over two years. . I had treatments throughout by pregnancy with really helped with my energy levels and general well being.

    The practice is calming and Sean is very knowledgable and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend him.

  8. Louise

    A friend of mine told me about Sean as I was having trouble conceiving I was about to start fertility treatment and now thankfully I am am pregnant!

    Sean has magic in his fingers, he revives you when are feeling tired or run down.

    Sean makes E5acupunture accessible, affordable, calming l and ultimately restorative. If you are experiencing acute pain, struggling with sleep or need a way to de-stress I would recommend Sean.

  9. Manjot

    I was introduced to Sean through two of my best friends, both of whom had a wonderful experience with him. As someone who had never received acupuncture before, Sean exceeded all my expectations and instantly took away any initial fear of the needles or pain.
    Sean’s technique is very advanced and highly effective, which coupled with his warm personality and more than fair pricing makes his clinic a true gem!
    Our sessions throughout the past 12 months have successfully and quickly helped me overcome physical/muscular ailments, as well as PTSD and digestion issues. I can’t recommend him enough for his treatments!

  10. Veebee

    I went to see Sean after being diagnosed with glandular fever which left me with no energy and an enlarged liver. Within a couple of sessions my energy levels were returning to normal and I now feel like my old self. It is a really relaxing environment and Sean really makes you feel at ease. It is amazing value for money and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.

  11. Benedikt

    Sean was recommend to me by a dear friend and I’m truly grateful to her. Having experienced acupuncture before – with lasting results – I went to see Sean for an intensive treatment over the course of about 3 months in 2014, back when I was still living in London.

    Not only was the treatment effective (much improved hay fever this spring) but I always felt very warmly welcomed and heard and seen fully as a human being rather than “just another patient”. Sean’s skills and results speak for themselves and I would thus recommend anyone who might be searching for a holistic practitioner to look no further.

  12. Amy

    I’ve been treated by Sean for over a year now. I was suffering from severe menstrual pain and PMS symptoms. I have benefited so much from his acupuncture, in fact I no longer need to take pain killers to relieve the pain!
    He is a professional and genuinely understanding practitioner. I found it hard to find affordable accunpunture in London especially that which I could attend regularly. The accessible price and top quality treatment enables me to make regular appointments which I have found to be the most effective for my symptoms. Sean’s treatment has benefitted me in so many ways, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  13. Soph

    Over the past few years I’ve tried many different types of treatment / diet changes to alleviate my anxiety and digestive problems. From my first acupuncture appointment with Sean I noticed such a difference; really I was amazed at how much better I felt, and continue to feel. The practise is a quiet, calming space that really allows you to relax, reflect and slow down, so I always come away feeling refreshed and reset. Thank you Sean.

  14. Jenni

    Sean is amazing and I’d recommend him to everyone in a minute. Before sessions with Sean, I’d never realised acupuncture could be so effective.

    His treatments have made such a difference to my health. I have regular sessions and am astounded at the difference it has made to my sleep patterns, headaches, neck and shoulder pain and other general physical symptoms of city life! The value for money is fab too.

    Sean’s manner, understanding and expertise is fantastic and I wouldn’t be without it now.

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